**** If a student can not attend a class and needs to reschedule, Cormac requires at least a 24 hour notice. If a student does not show for his/her scheduled class, the student can reschedule for another class date, however, forfeits his/her right to receive a refund. Cormac reserves the right to deny a refund request in abusive or malicious circumstances. ****

Cormac CWP Classes

The SC CWP Class is a SLED approved curriculum and is taught by Active/Retired Law Enforcement Officers who are certified firearm instructors with years of shooting experience employed by Cormac Arms. 
The curriculum will cover the following topics:

- Safe gun handling and storage
- Pistol and revolver nomenclature
- Ammunition and malfunctions
- Shooting Fundamentals
- Range rules
- Maintenance of firearm
- Handgun holsters and retention
- Open carry with Training Laws
- Rights and responsibilities of a Concealed Weapon Permit holder
- Laws relating to concealed carry and Use of Deadly Force.

The student is mandated by SLED to complete a 50-question exam and 25 round live fire proficiency test, with the minimum standard being 70% for certification approval. 

Classroom Instruction is about 6 hours in duration and  the live fire portion is based on range availability, but is scheduled for completion on the same day.  

Students will need the following items:
- Firearm and magazines
- 25 rounds of Ammunition
- Hearing and Eye Protection
- Holster or Gun Case
- Hydration and lunch

Cormac Arms will provide the following:
- CWP application and Checklist
- Waiver of liability form
- Classroom/bathrooms
- Range fee
- 15 minutes Virtual range pass upon students request.

Cormac Arms will provide a rental weapon at a cost of  $15.00 upon students request to be utilized during the live fire proficiency test. This price also includes ammunition.  

***Please note: If the student has no experience with firearms I highly recommend that they take the Basic Handgun Orientation Class first to learn to about firearms and learn to shoot.

- $75.00 Residents of South Carolina or person showing ownership of property with the state. 

- $45.00 Active/Disabled/Former/Retired Military and Law Enforcement.  Must physically present corresponding documentation.  Examples; Military DD-214 and/or Active/Retired Law Enforcement credentials.  Please search the Cormac Arms and Outfitters website under “CWP classes” and click on the SC CWP-LE/Military class schedule for the appropriate date to receive your discount.




Cormac Basic Handgun Orientation Class

The Firearms Fundamentals Class is an introduces students about the basic fundamentals of firearms. The students will learn about gun safety, how to operate a firearm safely, how to care for a firearm, firearm ammunition, pistol shooting fundamentals, and pistol shooting activities.

Students will learn rules for:
• Safe gun handling
• Pistol and revolver parts and their function
• Ammunition
• Shooting Fundamentals
• Range rules
• Various shooting positions
• Cleaning the pistol
• Range exercises to help you continue your skills development and reinforce all that you have learned in class.

Classroom Instruction is about 4 to 5 hours. Virtual Range Time is about 30 minutes to an hour. 

Cormac Advanced Shooters Class

This program introduces and reinforces the fundamentals of tactical shooting and weapons handling skills. The foundation is a solid understanding of basic marksmanship and weapons handling/manipulation, but tactical shooting is much more dynamic than static range training and more opposition focused than competition shooting. Speed, movement, and accuracy are emphasized to create success on demand. The principals and techniques of tactical shooting are developed through lecture, demonstration, and performance. The program explains and demonstrates the specific techniques to perform this very rapid, but accurate type of firearms presentation and shooting. The student will practice the fundamentals of tactical shooting. This program will build the skills required to successfully employ these techniques in a tactical or survival situation. This class also utilizes Cormac’s Virtual Range as well as live fire shooting.    

Students will need the following items (can be purchased or rented from Cormac):
Hearing and Eye Protection
2 Magazines
Holster or Gun Case (method of carry for classroom)
300 rounds

Cost: $175


Cormac Church / Hospital Security Training

This training is designed to provide Security Teams with the training necessary to evaluate individuals ability to respond and react to shooting incidents that can take place in a hospital or church setting. Individuals will get familiarized with weapons and concealed carry and will also learn weapons fundamentals to include safe weapons handling, firearm safety protocols, proper firearms grip, proper finger placement on the trigger, proper sight alignment and participation in simulated courses of fire.  This training incorporates the use of a simulator that allows the individual to react to numerous real life situations that can happen in a hospital/church setting. This training is
designed to place the participants in stressful situations where their decision making and performance will be challenged. It will allow the participants the ability to recognize deficiencies in an environment where steps for improvement can be implemented.   


Cormac Private Pistol / Rifle Shooting Lessons

Cormac Arms and Outfitters offers private one on one live fire shooting lessons for those who are novice shooters to the most advanced. All of Cormac’s firearms instructors are current or retired law enforcement Firearms Instructors with years of shooting experience. From basic firearms safety and handling to tactical shooting, our instructors can help you improve your firearms skills and knowledge. Cormac instructors are qualified to teach pistol or rifle classes and can help you become a better shooter. 

Students will need the following items (can be purchased or rented from Cormac):

-Working firearm.  


-Eye and hearing protection

-Minimum of 300 rounds

Cost: $90 per hour   

Cormac Use of Force Class

This is a scenario based class that uses Cormac’s Virtual Range to put you in real life situations and will show you how you will react under stress. This one hour class is designed to help you understand Shoot and Don’t Shoot situations and to help you learn how to react to these stressful incidents. Scenarios include what you may experience during a home invasion, in a grocery store parking lot or while you are at a gas station. Our Firearms Instructors are former police officers and will help teach you how to handle yourself while you are under stress. This is a safe and fun way to improve your decision making skills and enhance self-awareness.

Cost $75.00


Cormac Basic Rifle Class

The Basic Rifle class is an entry-level course designed to give students an introduction to the fundamentals of operating and manipulating a rifle. This class is great for students who have no rifle background as well as for those students who have some experience. In this class, students are led through a series of instructor-directed classroom instructions as well as hands-on live-fire exercises that will give them the tools they need to confidently operate their weapon safely and effectively. This class teaches the fundamentals of gun safety as well as proper aiming and firing techniques, with an emphasis on overall marksmanship and firearms manipulation.

Students will need the following items (can be purchased or rented from Cormac):

- Rifle  

- Eye and Hearing protection

- 2 Magazines

- Minimum of 300 rounds

Cost: $175   


Realtor Safety Class

This class is designed to teach realtors how to implement safety precautions and be as safe as possible while working as a realtor. The course curriculum includes situational awareness, preparing a safety plan and using technology to ensure their safety. Our instructor will also teach ways realtors can protect themselves to include basic self defense techniques and the latest in self protection devices. 

Cost: $50  


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